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This is what tuna industrial professionals participants at our previous events had to say:
  • "Good event for keeping in touch with industry colleagues and getting an update of information on the tuna industry dynamics."
  • "I found the conference to be informative on global fishing trends, and also worthwhile for understanding European market challenges and how they impact other markets."
  • "Great networking forum if you are involved with the tuna industry and want to engage/meet the main stake holders."
  • "Great place to meet the EU tuna industry before the ESE."

The 6th European Tuna Conference & Exhibition will be focused on the theme "RETHINKING TUNA: Moving into a new era". Expert speakers will offer different perspectives on the new trends for tuna fishing and processing, while also providing a different economic point of view on tuna consumption and ethics throughout the 4 sessions of the full day event.

Those who are attending will include:
  • Tuna fishing companies 
  • Canned tuna producers 
  • Fresh & frozen tuna processors 
  • Tuna buyers
  • Tuna distributors & importers 
  • Financial institutions 
  • Tuna traders 
  • Policy makers 
  • Consultants 
  • Lawyers

At this 6th edition, expert speakers will provide the expected 300 participants with a broader scope on the vital issues currently moving the global and European markets, and exhibitors will display their products and services.

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