François Chartier
Ocean Campaign Manager, Greenpeace

Mr. François Chartier is a national from France.


He holds a master in political science from the Institute of European studies of the University Paris 8, in France.


He’s specialised on the influence of industrial lobby groups on the European institutions.


François Chartier started to work with Greenpeace France as an ocean campaigner in 2004.


After several years working on the Bluefin tuna fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea, he’s now specialised in the tropical tuna fisheries, particularly in the Indian Ocean.


He has been involved for Greenpeace France in the political process of the reform of the Common Fisheries Policy of the European Union, and in several tuna RFMO’s meetings (ICCAT and IOTC).


In the context of this political work he’s engage in building contacts and collaboration with artisanal fishermen or small scale fisher’s organisations, in France, but also in the Indian Ocean.


François Chartier is particularly active in the Greenpeace campaign against unsustainable practices of industrial fishing companies, including the problem of massive overcapacity of Distantwaters fishing fleets, destructive fishing methods like FADs, and more generally against overfishing in tuna fisheries.


As an ocean campaigner, he has been participating or leading several ship expeditions on Greenpeace vessels, documenting and opposing to the most destructive practices or to illegal activities, in the fishing grounds from the North East Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and more recently in the South West of the Indian Ocean.


For Greenpeace France, he’s in contact with the key players from the tuna industry, pushing markets players in France for more ambition in their environmental and sustainability policies.


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