Alain Bailly
CEO, Comptoirs Oceaniques (Fish is Life)

Born in Ivory Coast in 1967. Career began in the cereals business in Europe in the flour milling and bakery segment for 6 years, and in restructuration. Started in the fish industry in 1997 with the creation of Cap Cavally, a company specialized in fresh tuna sourcing. Joined Comptoirs Oceaniques in 1998 as a shareholder and combined the 2 companies under the « FIsh Is Life » name. Since this, has spent his career developing global sourcing for high quality tuna around the globe. This was initially with a very strong focus on fresh air-flown tuna and in the last 10 years has been concentrated on high quality super-frozen sashimi grade tuna Fish Is Life became a major player in sustainably sourced quality tuna distributed across Europe into retail, food service and the sushi segment. On the back of tuna, Fish Is Life developed a full exotic and fusion range of seafood products that fits the needs of the new generation of consumers. Fish is Life has the long term view that it can enhance the value of a limited resource that deserves a better valuation. As a consequence, the company, alongside a group of key European players, is engaged in promoting the natural and quality characteristics of the tuna sold on the fresh, defrosted and frozen markets in the EU, with a strong focus on developing value-added products. This will be to increase the value of raw material tuna along the supply chain.


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